Family and Friends CPR Training Course

Only R 350.00 per PersonThis cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training course is ideal for someone with friends or relatives suffering from medical conditions that might lead to sudden death. Domestic workers caring for babies or children will also benefit from learning how to perform CPR correctly and safely on babies and/ or children and how to activate the emergency medical services timely. No medical background or any prior CPR experience is necessary to learn the basic steps of CPR and activation of the emergency medical services.

Family and Friends CPR Course Content:

A basic orientation to the skills of CPR and management of choking in adults, children and babies are given during this CPR training course. Like all the other American Heart Association training courses Family and Friends CPR promises to be a fun-filled experience, while there will be lots of time to practice of the skill of safe and effective CPR while watching the video with the guidance of an experienced facilitator. This easy to follow CPR course looks as follow:

  • Adult CPR
  • Child CPR
  • Adult and Child choking
  • Infant CPR
  • Infant choking
  • Brief introduction to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • How to activate the Emergency Medical Services

Family and Friends CPR Course Duration:

The basic skills of CPR and management of choking in adults, children and infants are taught in a 3 hour session.

Family and Friends CPR Course Fees include:

A Family and Friends CPR Booklet is provided to each participant for review before, during and after the course. A key pouch with gloves and mouth piece is also provided. Two credit card-size Reminder Cards are included. After completion of the course an American Heart Association Family and Friends CPR course participation card is issued.

Family and Friends CPR Course Participation Requirements:

  • Training course participants must be able to read and understand English.

More Information

This course is an American Heart Association training course, for more information please see their website or email us

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